Emergency Electricians

Emergency Electricians in Dallas/Fort Worth

If you have an electrical emergency, regardless of whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial emergency call Add-All Electric Now!  In Dallas County, call (972) 254-1158, in Tarrant County, call (817)-488-0126.

Why Call Add-All Electric?

Electrical emergencies don’t happen often but when they do you need on-call emergency electricians to respond in a timely manner.  Add-All Electric serves all cities within a 50-mile radius of Dallas/Fort Worth and is on call 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our Dallas/Fort Worth electricians are:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Courteous, professional, and punctual
  • Experienced and have been with the company on average 10 years.
  • Can handle any electrical issue or problem
  • Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and parts
  • Skilled in residential, commercial and industrial services

As an electrical company, Add-All Electric:

  • Has been providing electrical services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 1970.
  • Offers quality electrical services at affordable prices.
  • Has a fleet of bucket trucks to handle jobs high above the ground.
  • Is committed to providing superior electrical services and we back that with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Types of Electrical Emergencies

While there are many types of electrical emergencies if you don’t know what you are doing the most important thing to know is that working with electric can be deadly. DO NOT TOUCH downed wires, electrical outlets or wires if you do not know what you are doing. Your safety is the utmost priority.

Below are some of the more common issues we have seen and recommendations for how to handle them.

Electrical Fire

If you have an electrical fire get everyone out of the building and immediately call 911.  If you can get to the electrical panel without putting yourself in danger, cut the electricity to the building.  Only if the fire seems of a manageable size, use a fire extinguisher on the fire.  DO NOT ever use water on an electrical fire.  Once the fire is out call us to assess and repair the damage.  If the damage is extensive, we can help you to file a claim with your insurance company for rewiring the damaged electrical system.

Downed Electrical Wire to Your Home or Commercial Building

High wind, tornadoes, hurricanes and electrical storms can all bring electrical power lines down.  While Power Companies are responsible for electric wires on streets and cross country, the wires that connect directly to your home or commercial building are repaired by us, your local electrician.   If you have a downed electrical wire to your commercial building or home, call your local emergency electrician immediately.  DO NOT touch the downed wire.

Electrical Shock

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information 30,000 non-fatal electrical shock incidents occur in the US each year with approximately 20% of those occurring to children, the highest incidence in toddlers and adolescents. 

Shocks can occur in your home due to loose or damaged wiring, loose screws, damaged casings, outdated outlets and improper wiring.  If a shock occurs to you, an associate, or a family member, DO NOT TOUCH the person who was shocked until power has been disconnected or turned off.  Call 911 if needed.  Get medical treatment if needed.  Then call us to investigate the cause of the electrical shock and make repairs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Buzzing Noise Coming from Breaker Box

Breaker boxes don’t typically make noise.  However, when you hear loud buzzing coming from your breaker box it can be indicative of a breaker that is not working as designed or a loose or damaged wire.  If not timely corrected this could lead to a fire in your electrical system.  Call us immediately.

Power Flickering or Power Loss in the House

If the power in your home is flickering on and off or your have power loss and your neighbors are not experiencing the same issues, it could be that you have a short, an problem with your breaker panel or with the electricity service coming into your home.  It is important to get this checked out just as quickly as possible to prevent fire, shock or injury of any kind.  Call us, your emergency electricians, and we’ll come out to evaluate the situation and make repairs.

The Smell of Burning Wires or Smoke Coming from an Outlet

The smell of burning wires is a distinct smell and can indicate the overheating of wires.  Smoke coming from an outlet is indicative of a smoldering wire or full-fledged fire.  If you are able get to the breaker box, turn off electricity to the house.  Then call your Dallas/Fort Worth emergency electricians.

Whatever type of electrical emergency you are experiencing, we are here to handle it.  In Dallas County, call us at (972) 254-1158, in Tarrant County, call (817)-488-0126.    

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